Heartfelt Feedback from a Family Member

Mark James Wright recently wrote to us to share his gratitude for the outstanding care his Aunty has been receiving from our HomeCare team.

Dear Christen & Senior Management,

I feel compelled to write to highlight just how outstanding the care of your staff are in North Norfolk.

Having witnessed myself pretty much every single visit your carers provide my Aunty Christine at Seathrift Bacton (I help my cousin to ensure Christine can stay living with him as my cousin has his own health issues)

I am blown away by not only the quality of care but the manner of your staff and the fact going the extra mile for an elderly lady is never any trouble despite the time pressures I know they must all be under. My Aunty loves all of your carers that visit although she does have a soft spot for Wendy and simply adores and idolises the most cheerful young Racheal.

Example of that I just witnessed as I had to cancel her care today as my Aunty had the nurse double jab the flu and covid vaccine together on Monday, so she is in considerable pain with her arm and didn’t sleep much last night. There was a gentle tap at the door and Racheal was there she had come to do some paperwork, OMG the smile on my Aunties face was a picture when she saw Racheal. Racheal could see Christine was suffering from jabs, yet she still took the time to spend 15 minutes comforting my Aunty as she was falling back to sleep.

If you could only bottle the qualities of your staff and send them nationally how lucky would the most vulnerable be.

Finally, I cannot thank the wonderful Suzanna enough, whilst Suzanna hasn’t met my Aunty, yet she has simply been wonderful going the extra mile to help my Auntie’s health. Put simply my Aunty on top of mobility issues suffers chronic anxiety and panic attacks. It is crazy that she will have a panic attack the evening before the carers as she panics she won’t be awake when they turn up (yet I am here always the night before so she is always going to be awake) she will also sit there and watch the clock getting more anxious as she knows carers are coming (who she loves).

This is where the amazing Suzanna goes the extra mile even when I know her schedule must be a nightmare. My Aunty knows carers will try to come from 10.30 to 11.30 but on occasions due to the many emergencies they have sometimes it’s been as late as 12.45 or 1pm which is not a problem whatsoever, but my aunty sits and watches the clock and gets anxious. I was blown away when Suzanna said to me when she knows there is going to be a delay, she will text me and my aunty can then have an extra hour’s rest etc etc this manages my aunt’s anxiety so positively I cannot thank Suzanna enough for going that extra mile.

As a nation sadly we only put pen to paper to moan when good news stories are what make people smile. If you have a page that you use for your good news stories and newsletters, you have my permission to use this entire email and its entire content. You do not need to redact any of mine my aunt’s or my cousin’s identities.

Kind Regards



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