Live-in care is a modern, full-time care solution that allows you to stay at home in familiar, relaxed surroundings with a comfortable routine and everything the way you want it. Live-in care is a realistic alternative to a care home or nursing home.
Leaf Live-in care is a specialist, managed service, which provides 24-hour Live-in care. It provides friendly, reliable and highly trained carers. We will support you to stay at home by delivering excellent care services, tailored to suit your every need by using individual training and support plans.

Our Live-in care service meets all areas of your health care, emotional and social needs. It supports your well-being and maximises your independence, enabling you or a loved one to remain active and engaged with the people who matter most. Living at home allows people to spend more time with their families, feel safe in a familiar environment and remain a part of their local community.

We provide

› A fully managed service – we ensure the care meets your needs

› Flexible Live-in care services to meet all care needs from companionship to complex care

› Quick and responsive care

› A manager who is available to discuss the care and who will get to know you personally

› Regular contact to check that the service is running well and meeting your expectations

› Expertly trained and confident carers and managers who understand Live-in care services

› A safe and professional service

› Documented care

› An experienced social care management team with 20 years expertise in running Health and Social Care Services

› A service regulated and licensed with the Care Quality Commission

› A service which is accredited with social care and the NHS

Leaf looked after my grandmother, when other agencies had failed. They looked after her for 3 years and were really great. The staff are friendly and know what to do. I want to say thank you to Leaf for helping my nan.

Mrs. S

Who it’s for

Live-in Care is for people who need full time care and want to live in their own home.

Older People

As we get older, our care needs can increase due to general poor health and associated mobility problems. You can begin to feel unsafe at home or need help to manage your daily routine. Our Live-in care is an alternative to a care home and having a carer live with you means you can stay at home. We spend our lives tending to our homes, building a routine, having friends and family visit and this care choice ensures that nothing changes.

Couple Care

Our couple care offer is a great way of managing a complete unit’s family needs, we manage this with one carer, using our specialist assessments to manage the needs of a couple. This offer saves over £700 per week compared to that of a care home.

Dementia Care

Our Live-in carers are fully trained in delivering person centred dementia care. We understand the process and experiences of living with dementia and provide person centred support to help people to stay living at home, allowing them to be surrounded by family and personal belongings which greatly support the well-being of a person with dementia.

Physical Disabilities

We provide Live-in services for people with additional needs, we support people who have multiple health care needs and require services to include personal care, complex care and nursing led care. Our Live-in services will work with you, your condition and your treatment plan to enable you to make your own choices and live your life at home.

Learning Disabilities

Our Live-in teams provide full time support to help people with a learning disability to lead an independent life. We provide person centred support helping people manage their personal care, develop new skills, understand information and interact with other people promoting positive well-being.

Mental Health Needs

We provide support for a range of mental health needs to enable people to stay in their own homes and lead an independent lifestyle. The support plans work with the individuals and their networks of support to look at achieving positive outcomes, focused goals, personal choice and safe care.

Neurological Disorders

We support people who have neurological conditions either from birth or from a sudden illness or accident. We understand that these conditions can severely affect people’s quality of life. The care we provide is flexible and can manage all needs from personal care to complex nursing led care. We work with person centred multi-agency care plans which focus on rehabilitation, short term and long term needs.

Brain Injuries

Our specialist brain injury Live-in care services support people to live independently at home. We have successfully worked with people who have experienced brain trauma and helped them to return home and live with their families. We work with specialist community teams to ensure positive rehabilitation is supported in the long term.

Specialist Care for End of Life

We can provide care for all conditions; our end of life care is provided to the recognised standards in end of life care. Our Live-in carers are highly trained and skilled and we work with the individual, families and professionals involved. The Live-in end of life care services gives peace of mind and helps people, families and loved ones to manage at a difficult time.

Care for Professionals at Work

We provide Live-in care to support people in going to work, for some people their work environment may present unnecessary barriers; you may need to attend meetings or conferences away from your normal workplace. This service provides the care you require and also supports you in overcoming any challenges faced within a job role.  This could be short term or full time depending on your needs.

Care for Disabled Parents

We provide Live-in care to support a disabled parent to carry out their parenting role. The carers are all trained and individually matched to support the needs of the parent and their parenting role. It is important for a disabled parent to be able to parent their child and our services help to overcome any barriers faced by the parent’s disability.

Care for Younger People

We provide Live-in care to support younger people gain their independence, this may be moving out of home, going to college or university. We work with the family, support networks to promote and aid the young person to gain their valuable independence skills. The carers will work with individual training and support plans.
Care for Students
We provide Live-in carers for students who need additional support whilst studying. We provide a dedicated manager; we match the carer to the person and put together individualised training and support plans for the chosen keyworker. We ensure that your university and college life provides all the experiences you expect as a student. Our costs for care are matched to the grants you receive, which makes Leaf an affordable choice.
Care for Holidays
Our Live-in service supports people in their travels either for medical treatment or simply to enjoy life’s luxuries such as holidays, gap years, trips and breaks away. Our Live-in team has already supported people travelling to the USA, Germany, Australia and Scotland, to name a few. We work with the person’s holiday plans to ensure that the accommodation and travel arrangements are suitable and will meet their every need.
Care for Persons Resident in Europe
Our Live-in services support people who live in different locations across Europe. We provide care for people who permanently live in Europe or for those who regularly travel from one country to another. If you want to enjoy a hotter climate or if you have moved away, you can still enjoy your life in the way that you want to live it.

Live-in Care Services

We understand that choosing a care provider can be a difficult decision and you need to feel confident in the services that provide your care. We support this by offering a range of Live-in services from companionship to complex care.

Test & See
Selecting Live-in care is a big decision to make and we often find that people are worried about having someone new living in their home. This is a popular choice as it provides a test and see with no commitment.

From as little as 4 days to a week we will send a carer to provide you or your loved one with Live-in care under a fully managed support plan. This supports people in getting to know the service and often comes as a big relief as it shows the benefits of the service.

› Includes all aspects of companionship and personal care support
› Reassessment with a manager at the end of the Test & See period
› Further discussions to support future care arrangements
› Confidence building with our services

Companion Care

This service supports people to help them feel confident at home, it may be that life has changed such as a change in health needs, a sudden illness, a recent fall or the loss of a family member or loved one. Just simply having someone at hand can support people in remaining independent and comfortable at home.

› Supervision of daily living tasks, prompting washing, dressing, medication and preparation of meals
› Light housework, including laundry support and light garden maintenance
› Arranging and supporting activities such as shopping and pet care
› Arranging and accompanying to appointments
› Adapting to any changing need

Personal Care
This service supports people who require additional support with their daily living tasks and supports people to live their lives independently

› Support with assistance and supervision for daily living tasks
› Assistance with daily living tasks such as washing, dressing, moving and handling, medication assistance and food preparation
› Assistance with continence care, including catheter and incontinence care
› Occasional assistance during the night
› Arranging and supporting activities such as shopping and pet care
› Arranging and accompanying to appointments
› Dementia care

Specialist Care

This service supports more complex care needs, including moving and using specialist mobility equipment, for people who require tailored individual planning, such as specialist dementia, physical and mental needs, brain injury or end of life care plans

› Assistance with daily living tasks such as washing, dressing, medication including specialist techniques, food preparation and feeding, nursing led tasks
› Assistance with continence care, including catheter and stoma care
› Assistance during the night (on no more than 2 occasions)
› Arranging and supporting activities such as shopping and pet care
› Arranging and accompanying to appointments
› Specialist care planning
› Specialist personalised dementia care
› Additional care to support continued care at home and prevent breakdown in care

Hospital to Home
Coming out of hospital can be daunting and often the chance of re-admission to hospital is high without the correct care plan in place. This is a short-term service tailored around the Hospital to Home discharge plan.

• Planning and working with the discharge plan
• Rehabilitation, intermediate care and palliative care support
• Preparation and cleaning of the home, including bed linen and food stocks
• Fully skilled care support in line with the discharge plan
• Reassessment after 1 week to assess whether longer-term care is needed
• Includes all aspects of companionship, personal care and specialist care

Respite care

Short-term care, including cover for an existing carer and holidays or trips, UK to worldwide

• Checking accommodation needs
• Checking equipment needs
• Checking travel arrangements
• Worldwide carer insurance to provide an international service
• Includes all aspects of companionship, personal care and specialist care

We are an established provider of care, with excellent service choices available nationwide.

We will visit and contact you regularly to make sure you are receiving the best quality and level of care you need. Our Live-in care services are carefully managed; we get to know you individually and we monitor the services, the care team and daily activities to make sure everyone receives the service they deserve. Our carers will be matched and fully trained to your individual need.

Why choose Leaf for your Live-in Care?

What makes us different

› Our management team is fully qualified in this sector and has been running social care projects for over 20 years

›  Whilst we offer a complete package of care services, we specialise in the Live-in care service

› We have dedicated Live-In qualified managers who support the services

› We constantly check and review the care offering weekly checks, regular reviews and contact at all times

› We provide personal profiles on our carers and additional training to ensure that we provide a personalised service

Peace of mind

› Contract terms and conditions (from Leaf, Social Services or NHS)

› Personalised care plan

› Care assessments

› Risk assessments

› Daily working agreement, live-in schedule

› Emergency contact numbers

› Complaints and compliments information

› Portable electronic tablet to receive instant updates to care plan needs

Documented care

We record all of the following; daily communication records, electronic medication records, food and fluids, activity and household tasks, repositioning and movement, evening checks with all the appropriate personalised care plans and risk assessments to support the care needs.

Safe and professional service

› The service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

› Our carers undertake a robust recruitment and selection process, they are vetted and DBS checked

› They are trained to the highest National Government Standards in Health and Social Care

› Our carers are trained at our residential training centre and hold the full Care certificate training, dementia care, professional conduct and end of life care

› Further training includes: moving and handling people, brain injury, Diplomas and Apprenticeships in Health and Social Care, specialist conditions and any specialist training required

› Nursing led care is provided and the carers are trained by qualified nurses to perform certain tasks supporting continuity of care when care needs change

An Individual Care Plan

› We will carry out a home or hospital visit to discuss the level of care

› We’ll develop a care plan and assess the needs and any risks with the help of the persons who needs the care, carers, family members and healthcare professionals

› The care plan will look at the health and social care and the level of support you need

Diary of a Live-in Carer

My name is Sally and I am a live in carer. I work with Jim who has had a live in carer for a while now. He has poor eyesight and has dementia.

He lives on his own, however he has a really supportive family who visit regularly and they are happy their father has someone around. No day is ever the same. My day will usually start around 7am and I will have my morning cup of tea.  Jim will get up to see what I am doing shortly after and he often joins me for breakfast, this routine works well.

Live-in Care coverage


We are able to offer a nationwide service.

Whilst the majority of our care positions are based within the UK we are also able to offer our services to people who live in different locations across Europe. We can provide care for people who permanently live in Europe.
To find out more about our Live-in care coverage:

Call 01603 633110

Care Funding Advice

Funding advice is here to help you through the planning of care fees.
The cost of Homecare and Live-in care is dependent on a personal assessment. There are methods of public funding available for Homecare Services and Live-in Care.  If you don’t qualify for public funding and have to pay for care privately, we suggest you speak with a Financial Advisor with ‘Care Fee Planning’ specialist knowledge and experience of ‘Equity release plans’ and other methods of funding your care.

Download our Care Funding Advice leaflet below for further information.

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