Lucy’s Diary

My day begins at 7.00am when I call to see Dotty (as she likes to be called). I usually call up the stairs to Dotty, to let her know when I’ve arrived before I put the kettle on ready for her morning tea. Then it’s up the stairs to help Dotty have a wash. Whilst Dotty is having a wash, I have a tidy around, making the bed and emptying the commode whilst keeping one ear open in case I’m needed. Dotty likes to choose what she wants to wear and I give her a hand if she needs me to with fastening her buttons or putting on her stockings. I help Dotty down to the kitchen for her breakfast and a cup of tea and while she is tucking into her toast, I have a quick check round to make sure all is tidy and then I’m on my way to see Ivy.

Ivy lives alone and suffers with slight memory loss. She just needs reminding to have her wash and put on fresh clothes. Ivy is always pleased to see me. We do her breakfast together as she often forgets but she can still manage with my support, when we are finished she goes off to her day centre or waits for her family to call round. Next I am off to see Eileen.

Eileen lives with her daughter Chloe and Chloe’s two cats. Eileen has MS and struggles with the hectic morning routine, I help with getting Chloe off to school, remind her to pack her pencils and her homework, find her PE kit and off she goes. I then help Eileen get her breakfast. She has a wash whilst I put the washing on. The cats are put out and I leave a note for Chloe to say that I have fed them; this is normally her job so she doesn’t worry when she comes home from school. I prepare a snack for Eileen’s lunch and make her a drink before I go. Norman is next.

Norman likes a lie-in so I don’t normally get there until about 9am. My first job is to help him get out of bed as he has Parkinson’s and he finds it really difficult to get up in the mornings. I assist him with his medication and help him in getting up and to the toilet. I help him with a wash and to get dressed. We then go to the kitchen and often I make him a full English breakfast. Norman has no family and often I am the only person he sees through the day and I know he really appreciates me calling in to help him. Although I have a busy schedule I like to make time to have a cup of tea and a chat with Norman as well as helping him getting washed and dressed and have breakfast.

Time is getting on and my next call is to see Miss Jones and her dog, Alfie. Miss Jones is blind and although she can get herself washed and dressed she needs me to help to make her breakfast and a hot drink and of course, the main priority for her is to feed Alfie. I also assist her with her medication.

The morning flies by and it’s time for me to have a break before I start to deliver lunches.

I go back to Norman and make sure he has his medication, this keeps him going throughout his day. Norman always likes a quick lunch so I try to encourage him to have some fruit and water, he always laughs at me and tells me I nag him but it is important to see him keep well. Norman has good days and bad days and when he has a good day he always has a smile on his face and enjoys a joke. I tidy up and make sure that Norman has all that he needs as he doesn’t have a carer back until night time to help him get to bed.

Next, I go and see Elsie, she lives with her husband, he goes off to the hospital most days so I make sure she is okay whilst he is at the hospital. Elsie has dementia and struggles with remembering to make her lunch so this takes away the worry from Mr Turner.

My last call is back to Miss Jones. Today she would like a fresh meal so I help prepare some vegetables and chicken. Of course, I have to do some extra for Alfie the dog! Miss Jones and I usually have a chat in the kitchen whilst I’m cooking her lunch.

That’s it for me, time to go and collect my children from school. I enjoy my job as I have made some great relationships with the people I look after, no two days are the same but I always feel whatever I have done throughout the day has made a difference to someone’s life and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.


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